Wilbe: Startup Weekend Sponsor “menzione speciale”

Are you a startup or established business with a project? We will provide you with a dedicated desk in the center of Milan, project manager, sessions and one to one meetings with  legal, marketing, market research, public relations and accounting. We will also give you the chance to present to our industry experts and investment panel.

We wish to support entrepreneurial initiatives in meeting their potential. This is what we stood for when we built the model:



Top-tier service providers with a global network and local expertise.



Worldwide access to office logistics with a support programme tailored to the needs of the project.



We are interested in working with projects that generate long-term value, not speculative ones even if profitable.



Nurturing start-ups coming from a diverse range of industries, as diverse as the expertise of our service providers.


Alternative Finance

A start-up will be guided in seeking the most suitable form of financing and introduced to a selected panel of equity investors, but also to the network of clients of the service providers and an innovative financing tool to be disclosed in due course.


International Prospect

A project will find an environment with an international identity and international work ethics to facilitate interest by foreign investors in our rich-of-talent but complex entrepreneurial scene. With an insight on foreign markets and trends, we are therefore interested in projects that have the potential to expand beyond national borders.


Like never before, we believe it is time to go back to ‘what makes sense’ and empower talent by building an open, hands-on and valuable entrepreneurial environment.

View more information on our website www.wilbe.it or email us on milan@wilbe.co.uk